How long has he been my dad???

Jeremy took Riley to a birthday party this morning at Chuck E Cheese — I have to admit that was pretty amazing. Marin and I got to yard sale with some friends. Before Riley & her dad were getting ready to go I was doing the normal list of things to remember. One was to make sure she goes to the potty at some point before the party. He looked at me and said, in true Jeremy fashion, ‘How long have I been her Dad?’. Then he looked at Riley and said – ‘ How long have I been your Dad?’. She looked at him for a minute and then turned to me and whispered … ‘Hey Mom, How long has he been my dad?’. HAHAHAHAHAH! Loved it! 4 years and counting ;). I guess he ‘thinks’ he knows when she needs to potty and now she knows how long he’s been her dad  ;)!


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First Day at Timothy Ministry Classes

Riley is taking two classes at First Baptist Church Woodstock on Tuesdays. Classes started today. She’s enrolled in Music for Little Mozarts and Literature in Motion. She was so excited with her new backpack and uniform shirt :). It is through their Timothy Ministry (Homeschooling Ministry). We had considered homeschooling, but have changed our minds.

We were on the way and she was packing up her backpack. Before we got out of the van I was double checking to make sure she put everything back in — and the whole time she’s saying ‘no mom, no mom’. I checked the front pocket and she had hidden lipstick in her bookbag to take with her to class!

I picked her up from class and , of course, she had a wonderful time. I asked her what her classes were like and what she did. With each question I got an exasperated reply to my question. I asked her why she had such an attitude when answering my questions — she said she didn’t know … her brain was just telling her to do that!

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Beautiful Music

I’ve got cheese like a river, I’ve got cheese like a river, I’ve got cheese like a river in my soul!!!!!!!!!!

This wonderful music was coming from Riley in the back seat of the van on the way to gymnastics last night 🙂

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Freshing Out…

Riley has a little black stuffed dog that has become her favorite. His name is Wilburd. She takes him out on the back deck and sits with him in her little blue chair. Puts her cup of water beside her and crosses her legs. She just sits there. Hanging out. I asked her what she was doing — she says that she and Wilburd just need to Fresh Out.
Me: Ok, what is freshing out?
Riley: Moooommmm….You know, when you need to get some fresh air.


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Nail Polish Request

Riley started soccer last week. We were getting ready and she wanted to know if we could paint her nails before she went to play soccer. Guess a girl’s gotta look good!

This was a special painting, I guess. While I painted her toes … she wanted a snack. Marshmallows with toothpicks!

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That boy is speaking language…

We were at my most favorite place to eat today .. McDs … ha! I think once the kiddos are grown I’ll never eat at McDs or Chicken Fil-A again! Anyway – Riley comes to me and says ‘Mom! That boy is speaking Language on the playground.’ I’m thinking Spanish is what she meant ;).

We went to a thrift store this afternoon and there were quite a few customers and workers speaking Spanish. Riley says ‘Mom, what are they talking about? They must be speaking spanish’. I guess those enrichment classes are paying off … she’ll know what they are saying before I will.

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What’s that white stuff?

We were at lunch after church yesterday and Jeremy leaned over Riley to help her with her food … she says ‘Hey Dad, What’s that white stuff on your face?’. He had let his beard grow a little bit and there is grey!!


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